Well, some things have changed…

In the horribly long time since I’ve last posted.

Namely, that I’ve moved to Seattle.

Yep. Looks like Seattle.

And oh my goodness, so far I really love it. What a lucky duck to get to explore a brand new exciting city filled with fun stores, restaurants, people, and perhaps most important, views of the WATER. All over the place, water. I love it.

We had a very long and fabulous trip from Michigan to Seattle. Meaning we didn’t take the short way. Meaning we got to see a lot of great stuff. America the beautiful!

Open Road

The Midwest is full of good clouds and good people.

Satellite Motel

And good senses of humor and style.

Purple Mountain Majesty

Farther west, we find Purple Mountain Majesty,


As well as otherworldly vistas…

I've been through the desert on a horse with no name

and desolate deserts.

Big tree

And when we reach the coast, giant trees.


And the Pacific Ocean.

Of course we took literally thousands of photos on our 3 week trek westward. Perhaps more will be shared soon.

It’s been a good experience, so far. And it’s fun to start life in a new place (you get to get a lot of new stuff, and new stuff is always fun).

So, more later about Seattle adventures.


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