The Healing Garden

It’s very snowy in Ann Arbor, Michigan right now. Very beautiful, heavy wet snow that sticks to all the trees and is perfect for snowballs. And while the snow definitely makes for a winter wonderland, the likes of which remind me of my childhood in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, around this time of year, I always start to feel like things might be cold and covered in snow forever. February is a loooong short month, in other words. And I love winter, and brisk cold sunny days, but I also love warmth and growing things.

So Tuesday was my day off, and in pursuit of warmth and growing things, G and I headed to the Matthaei Botanical Gardens. The Gardens have a large conservatory, filled with tropical and desert plants. Coincidentally, the conservatory was in the process of setting up a healing garden exhibit,  focused on the healing properties of plants -information about how house plants can clean our air and remove impurities, ideas about how the bright colors of plants can improve and change our moods, and how nature can guide and influence meditation.

Healing Garden

It was great to be in space that smelled so warm and fresh, to be surrounded by brilliant greens and bright flowers. We took our time walking through the paths, reading the signs, watching little kids on a “fairy scavenger hunt” for little fairies hidden among the plants.

We found these beautiful leaves that make me want to find some upholstery, or maybe carpet, that echoes the bold print and bright greens (nature is the best designer).

And G loved the bonsai trees.

Overall, the healing garden was indeed quite healing. Being surrounded by plants definitely settled my heart, made me take my time enjoying everything my senses have to offer, and also helped me remember that green will come again.

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One thought on “The Healing Garden

  1. Beautiful! Especially that leaf! And just as a heads up, I better be invited when you make the trip to ride that camel. Someone is going to have to be prepared for when you throw your back out and need to get back to the shores of Lake Michigan.

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